Bishop’s Waltham Deanery Newsletter 6 ~

May 2017

 We now have all the details for the Deanery “Leading your Church into Growth” (LyCiG Local) which will now be in early 2018. We hope all members of PCCs and all mission-minded people in the Parishes across the Deanery will be able to attend.  See below for details.


                                     Rev Gregg Mensingh


is for all mission–focussed people in  Bishop’s Waltham Deanery

including Clergy,  Lay Ministers, PCC members and Mission Teams.

The vision is to encourage and equip you to grow in numbers, in spirituality and in mission commitment to your community and the wider world.

It should provide some TOOLS to help implement the Deanery Framework and your Parish Plans.

It’s all about helping churches make a difference in their local community and further afield through—

  • Learning key biblical teachings on growth
  • Discussion, questioning and applying these to their situations
  • Becoming inspired and motivated
  • Making decisions and implement plans
  • Developing new ways of working
  • Resolving to stick with plans, reviewing and adapting as they go
Deanery Framework ~ Update

Ø  The “Deanery Framework” (formerly Deanery Plan) remains a living document but to date no updates have been needed.

Ø  If you have any updates, comments or case studies to add, please pass them on to the to the Deanery Administrator.

Together in Mission



Dates for Deanery Meetings
Mission & Pastoral Committee

Tuesday 6 June

Standing Committee

Monday 26 June

Deanery Synod

Tuesday 25 July

Around our Deanery

  • The Benefice of Soberton and Newtown and the Parish of Hambledon are in conversation around future ministry.

 Next Newsletter – September 2017…….Any items for inclusion or comments to

Jane Beardmore, Deanery Administrator on