Caring for God’s creation as part of our duty as Christians
Our churchyard has for many years been managed in an environmentally friendly manner. Following the launch of Eco-congregation by the Christian conservation organisation A Rocha, in 2005, with the support of Rev. Jane Beloe and others, Rev. Shirley Henderson launched the parish Eco-congregation initiative.
Eco-congregation is a tool to help churches address environmental issues in all that they do. Churches are encouraged to use the resources provided to look at three main areas of church life:

  • spiritual: worship and teaching
  • practical: things to do with buildings, land and church management
  • mission: reaching out, both locally and globally

This initiative was revitalised in 2009 under Rev. Bruce Deans, and following an environmental audit, action plans and a Churchyard Management Plan were developed.
Our Eco-congregation Policy was approved by the PCC in March 2013.
A small group of parishioners has been involved in taking this forward, and, following a further audit and visit by A Rocha, an Eco- congregation award was obtained in February 2016.

Whilst A Rocha launched Eco-church early in 2016, this has not yet been adopted at Shedfield.

If you would like to help with our work, please contact the parish office.