Parish Visitors

We have both male and female, friendly, local visitors (from a variety                                                       of backgrounds) willing to visit and have a chat over a cup of tea. They can help you to assess what might be supportive in your current situation and direct you to any further help or information.

We are safe, friendly and informal. You will be in control.

Our Parish Visitor volunteers all have:

  • A strong Christian ethos
  • Common trainingPV church
  • A sustaining network
  • Safeguarding training
  • A common aim to help in the community
  • Diocesan approval

Parish Visitors work closely with our Ministry team to reach out and work with other community groups offering support to those in need who may be:

  • Sick
  • Bereaved
  • Lonely                                                                                            PV rainbow
  • Disabled
  • ‘‘Caring” for family
  • Temporarily finding it difficult to manage
  • A combination of these.

Do you know of someone who needs our support?                          PV hands

Do you need someone to support you?

Please Contact Us .

Rev’d Juliet Montague        Tel: 01489 895012        Email:

Jacky Wood                        Tel: 01489 893615  

Complete a ‘Request’ form found at the back of the church and put in the box/ envelope nearby, or complete the attached e-form. We will respond as soon as we can.

parish visitor training application form