FAMILY TIME is a modern service designed with families, young and older people in mind.

Sunday 13 August at 10.00am:

                                                            Remember the Secret Mission envelope inside Revd Jane’s Top Secret bag?                                                      We’re looking forward to seeing you at next Sunday’s special holiday family service, when we’ll open the                                        Secret Mission instructions and share hymns, songs, stories and praying in some different kinds of ways.


It is participative with the congregation breaking into different groups, namely: the artists, the actors, the philosophers and the prayers.  These groups reflect on the bible reading for the day in different ways – some drawing and colouring in pictures; some preparing a sketch (short drama); some discussing different ideas; and others being led in quiet contemplative prayer.

The fruit of the different activities is then shared with the congregation as a whole.  There are contemporary worship songs via the sound system and songs and prayers are projected on to the ‘big screen’.